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Use this page to get quickly caught up on events of Crucible of the Gods and see the overall map. Also, any information you would like me to include, feel free to leave in the comments belowLast Updated: 03/28/2012

However, be warned, this synopsis does not have all the details and is not intended to be a replacement for reading the posts. 

Main Plot: The four deities threaten to drown the world in a flood of saltwater to punish the living for their impiety. However, if YOU successfully stead the Crucible and light the divine brazier before the ziggurat seals, the "gracious" gods will spare you of your most deserved fate.

Deadline: You must complete the adventure by Friday, August 10, 2012 (the Friday before Gencon 2012).

Crucial information about the four deities: Player Handout

Updates: You'll see the word "suggested" often below, because I'm summarizing based on what the players have said in their posts. It may or may not actually be true.
  • An initial hallway with many portals of different colors. Doors in the north lead to the Great Hub.
  • Three pedestals were found in the Great Hub. An divine skull must be retrieved from each of the four wings of the Crucible.
  • The dungeoneers steaded the Kotaresh Trial. Two dungeoneers died, but they obtained the first divine skull.
  • The dungeoneers attempted Asar-Segt next. Their task, to complete a clay golem. They did this successfully and obtained the second divine skull.
  • The third challenge they attempted was Lyth. They were victorious and obtained a third divine skull.
  • The three skulls were placed on the three pedestals, and the archway transformed. The braziers' fire turned red. A spot in the wall, possibly to place a skull... and a booming voice that demands, "CHOOSE".
  • They chose to tackle the final challenge, of Kishar. After a spectacular battle with a three-headed dracolisk, they obtained the fourth divine skull.
  • Tak-tha discerned that the red fire in the Great Hub meant that the red portal of the initial hallway was safe to traverse. He did so, and found himself in a chamber with four pedestals and a statue upon which is laid a gold talisman.
  • After placing the four divine skulls on the four pedeastals, Tak-tha claimed the Talisman of Glory.
  • Returning to the Great Hub, they took the Lyth skull and inserted it into the slot. That opened a portal to the final encounter, now in progress.

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