Saturday, April 14, 2012

Larping on my driveway

Last week, I came home from a long day at work to find that my kids had used sidewalk chalk to mark up the driveway and create a big dungeon labyrinth. It had monsters. It had traps. It had secret doors and treasures, AND we could play it.

So we did! We stabbed creatures with our invisible swords, and shot our invisible bows. And I took pictures of the labyrinth afterward.  It was a grand adventure and made my heart light to run through it with the kids.

First stop, shopping. You have to pick items, but you can't pick them all. Above is a sword... or do you go for the bow?
Start of the dungeon, didn't anyone buy a key at the shop?!? Sigh, let's head back to the shop...
Inside the door, three ways to go, right from the start...

Taking the right side, I quickly found a secret door... Sweet! Inside, a key on the floor!

First challenge, a nasty hound. We took it out with arrows, but were running low on ammo. Beyond, a strange ghost mocked us as we fought, draining our morale.
Beyond the ghost and hound, four treasure chests. Three contained nasty traps, one was safe. I mentioned the word "fourthcore" but my kids didn't get my reference.

First big boss battle, against the Beholder! We barely prevailed.

A little Super Mario cross-over, the Medusa's treasure was within the three blocks.

A little further along, three kids, but only one was real. The rest were illusion. I grabbed the wrong one, which summoned.... (see next)

... the Minotaur! He's not messing around!

Final battle, against the Medusa. She holds the key to opening the final treasure and way out!


  1. Wow awesome! Thanks much for sharing this.

  2. I think your kids write better adventures than me!

  3. I have a three-year-old. And I can't wait.

  4. Thanks, it was really cool to see and play through their map. It persisted until just last night; a hard rain washed it away. I made sure to praise them more than once.