Monday, April 2, 2012

Crucible of the Gods: The Sphere of Annihilation

A ball of pure black, hovering in mid-air.
Ashton's Thunder tears apart the nearby skeleton!
The Lyth manifestation of the Ruach of the Gods
A seductive blend of beautiful and deadly.
Tech: Hit! Skeleton destroyed. Arden now has +1 to AC UENT.

Tak-tha lobs the Flask of Cloudkill to hit the three skeletons on the ledge of the west pit. However, it is futile; skeletons are immune to the poison. Charging east, he leaps over the pit and attacks the skeleton bordering to the north. However, Tak-tha nearly loses his footing; the floor he landed on has a thick layer of slime! Recovering from his failed attack, he looks to see a woman nearly blended into the shadows. She is winged and nude, covered in crimson tattoos and emerald slime. She floats just a few inches off the floor and holds a boomerang in her readied hand.

There is also something else that catches Tak-tha's attention. Forty feet away in the north, where two of the mazes hallways join, he sees an ball of pure black. The air itself seems to spin about it.

Instantly he knows what it is: a Sphere of Annihilation... He can feel it giving off a gravitational pull even from this distance.
OOC: Still in Round 2. Only Tak-tha and Selvantis have used up actions, and it's possible for Tak-tha to use an action point if he has one. For the rest, including Arden (who posted but his target was taken out by Ashton), feel free to post your actions.


  1. NOTE: The Ruach has an Aura 5 that makes the floor slick with slime. Any square within 5 of the Ruach is considered difficult terrain.

  2. OOC: dude, blow an AP and use your talisman!

  3. [Arden]

    Tech: Arden double moves to get to J7

  4. [Hanar]
    Hanar rushes toward one of the skeletons and strikes, runes glowing on his mace.

    Move to N9 Attacking O8 Skeleton with Word of Diminishment
    Str + 6 vs AC 1d10 + 5.

  5. OOC: I have to be adjacent to the Ruach, and I doubt the power counts as the attack to use in a charge.

  6. [Arden]
    Slow but sure, Arden makes his way through the chamber!

    Hanar charges by the Obelisk of Power and attacks a nearby skeleton. But alas, his power wanes at the wrong moment!
    Tech: Miss, a natural 3.

  7. [Ashton]
    Sidling up behind the dwarf, Ashton whirls his blade fast enough to fascinate the nearest skeleton and deflect incoming attacks.

    OOC: oh, this jumping across pits to get anywhere is going to suck. Ashton's got a +0 Athletics with the boon. Anyway.

    Move: to N-10, with pretty cover against the skullheads.
    Minor: Aegis of Shielding on nearest skeleton (the one attacked by Hanar)
    •   Target is marked.
    •   If it hits my ally without targeting me, not only does it get the normal -2, but I can use an Imm. Interrupt to reduce the damage by 8.
    Standard: Second Wind. I think that's 9 HP back? And of course the +2 defense.

    By the by, if and when it comes up (ya know, once I'm in combat range of Lady Ruach) I plan on using Firedeath on any attack including my allies, and Frost Backlash if I'm adjacent to her. They're both immediate interrupts, so only one per round, iirc.

    1. OOC: Hit points now at 23. Surges at 9. +2 to Defenses.

  8. OOC: Yeah, immediate interrupts/reactions are once per round, opportunity actions are once per turn. And make sure you move two squares beforehand so it's considered a running jump.

    1. To be clear, opportunity actions can be taken once per another person's turn. And they can't be taken by you on your own turn.

  9. For entering the aura, Tak-tha takes 2 points of damage. That leaves him with 8 remaining hit points.

    Slime Trail (acid) • Aura 5
    Squares in the aura are difficult terrain to the ruach's enemies. Creatures entering or starting their turn in the aura take 2 acid damage.

    I'll reflect this on the upcoming vitals map as well.

  10. [Ashton]
    Ashton backs up Hanar and draws the attention of the nearby archer skeleton.

    Tech: Skeleton marked! See map in vitals.

  11. OOC: I'll give you guys until Wednesday Noon (CST) to get posts in. I'll process the villians then. (Technically, they won initiative and have been going at the top of the rounds.)

  12. [Arden]

    Arden gets out the Krater of Might and gets ready to hand it off to one of his fellow adventurers

  13. [Tak-tha]
    In the face of the final danger of the crucible, Tak-tha prepares himself for the onslaught that is sure to approach.

    Action Point: Second Wind

    Free Action: Activate the Resistive Formula effect for THP

    Free Action 2: Hope for the chance to use Lyth's Boast

  14. [Tak-tha]
    Activating Second Wind, Tak-tha is renewed!

    Tech: Currently at 16 hp and 5 surges. +2 to Defenses.

  15. Nevdor, after seeing the Ruach's terrifying beauty and consulting with his brothers, knows what needs to be done. He takes off, draws a dagger, and leaps over the bone pit. As he lands, he rolls forward, and disappears from sight behind the walls. From there, Tak-tha sees a gray line of magic flow towards the Ruach....

    Ok, move and jump over the corner of the bone pit (2 squares, I believe, +6 on Athletics, w running start...dice don't fail me now!) to land in C5. Complete my movement by moving to D3.
    Minor action, use one charge from the wand of petrification on the Ruach. +7 vs Fort.

    If I need too, try again with the wand. I really don't expect this combat to last long, we'll either be dead or victorious! Also, do I gain insight into the still covered areas?

    I'll wait to use my final standard or move action (if I have one), after I know whether I failed to petrify the Ruach or not....

  16. [Nevdor]
    Nevdor clears the pit in the west, jumping over it with ease. Upon landing, he looks to the north to see a second Sphere of Annihilation! There's enough room to pass by it on either side, but the strange gravitational pull its generating gives him pause... Should he proceed?

    Check out the updated vitals tab for a map showing a revealed area in the northwest. It's now your choice... keep moving as you stated in your post? Or stop your movement now? You aren't sure on the effects of getting that close to a Sphere of Annihilation will do to you... Let me know!

  17. OOC:
    My apologies mon captain! I will use my second move action to fey step to H1 on the current map, and use my final action to expend a charge from the wand of petrification on the Ruach.

    If I miss, then spend an AP to try again. If I miss twice, god help us all...

    If I hit with the first try, no AP. Also, if petrified, does the aura go away? And whats left in the "???" box?