Monday, March 5, 2012

Crucible of the Gods: The Treasures of Lyth

Selvantis takes hold of the Divine Skull, and since none of you die horrible deaths, you assume your prayers have been accepted! As with the other challenges, glorious treasures appear.

  • Tak-tha gains the Flask of Cloudkill.
  • Nevdor gains the Fetish of Luck.
  • Arden and Bhareg both gain a Potion of Healing.
  • Hanar Hammerforge gains... THE SERPENT STAFF!
And what of Selvantis? Lyth does not grant him a physical treasure like the rest of you. Instead, she answers the desire in his heart. Selvantis takes on bestial features once again, and in moments where a half-elf once stood, now stands a half-elf, half-tiger! 
OOC: Selvantis is now 1/3rd human, 1/3rd elf, 1/3rd tiger. He gains the Razerclaw Shifting racial power. Stealth and Acrobatics increase by +1 each. (Note, Selvantis already had speed 6 and low-light vision, so those aren't added.)

Well done, dungeoneers! What will you do next?


  1. OOC: I'll be updating the treasures tab very soon with all the sweet loot you've obtain so far.

  2. As he lifts the crystaline skull, Selvantis cries out in agony as the Mother of Beasts anoints him. His scream echoes in the small antechamber, gradually becoming more and more bestial. As the ebbing waves of torment cease, the ranger slumps, panting and weaving slightly as steam raises from his body.

    His auburn hair is now struck through with streaks of black and is significantly longer, growing shaggy around the edges. His face bears shadowy marks across the cheeks, jaw and brow, akin to those of the great orange beast. His nails have grown and darkened slightly, his eyes shining golden in the torchlight with slitted pupils contracting slightly.

    "I...I don't understand..." He starts as he stares at his bare arms and the copious amount of new hair that has sprouted from them, his voice thick and cumbersome from his newly enlarged canines. His eyes trace the symbol of Lyth emblazoned onto the crystaline skull and he immediately drops to a reverent knee, bowing his head till his brow touches the smooth, glassy surface forehead of the relic.

  3. Hanar jumps in alarm as Selvantis' sudden transformation. His eyes widen for a moment as he thinks it over. This was getting more and more dangerous.

    "We'd best place the goddess' skull into place quickly."

    Hanar again remembered that he didn't feel quite right since they had encountered the creature the last time they placed the skull. Hanar shuddered, and hoped they didn't find something else waiting for them at the hub.

    OOC: Let's put the skull in place, before any crazy luck challenges occur. :)

  4. [Selvantis]

    The ranger nods and starts unsteadily from the stair of the dais, his eyes going wide as his toe clips the edge of the stair, causing him to pitch forward.

    He startles himself as his feet seem to move on their own, his body twisting awkwardly and finding himself not flat on his face, but on his own two feet. Trembling, he hands the crystal skull off to Hanar, leaning over and retching, both from residual fear of dropping the holy relic and the sudden changes to his body.

    Wiping his mouth, he follows unsteadily towards the main hub of the temple.

  5. You arrive at the Great Hub once again, and this time there are no strange exarchs to challenge you. The chamber is as you left it, as far as you can tell.

    OOC: Place the third skull on the last pedestal?

  6. OOC: Time to metagame!

    Without even thinking, Tak-tha draws both of his blades as Selvantis undergoes his transformation. He prepares himself for Selvantis turning on the rest of the group, but finds the other Ranger is still himself, kinda, mostly, in a way.

    Ready to accept this as simply his reward, the Thri-kreen puts his weapons away and joins him as they trek back out to the main hub, keeping only a helpful, not wary, eye on him.

    Once back in the hub, his eyes go towards the only remaining objects in the room that haven't been fully examined yet, at least not that he can recall. The rumor of treasure still lingering in the back of his mind, Tak-tha heads over to the tapestries to give them a closer look.

    Heal and Dungeoneering +10, Nature and Perception +12 (woo Divine Boon!) on Selvantis to see if anything interesting/dangerous about his transformation

    Same checks (except Heal) for examining the tapestries on the north wall, starting with the western most, and examining the wall behind them (classic hiding spots, right? Feel free to join in, anyone)

  7. Nevdor is stunned by the recent events, but glad he doesn't have to put down a trusted ally. Lyth be praised!

    OOC: Sorry I seemed to miss out guys, you looked like you had it under control. I will assit Tak-tha in his searches, Perception/Dungeoneering +5 to aid another.

    Everyone ready for the next trial? I doubt the god of slaughter will be so kind to us...

  8. [Tak-tha and Nevdor]
    Searching about the tapestries that flank the archway in the Great Hub, Nevdor points out something odd-looking about the wall to Tak-tha, who gives it a closer glance.

    It's behind one of the tapestries... a SECRET DOOR! You find it just to the right of the blank archway (close to the stairway to the trial of Kishar).

    It looks as if it's a section of wall that you simply push open (on the right side). No buttons or levers.

  9. [Bhareg]
    After serenely watching Selvantis' transformation, and the handoff to Hanar, Bhareg steps back into the Hub.

    Glancing at Nevdor, Bhareg's eyes flicker brightly. "No buttons or levers, eh? That's not suspicious at all. Who shall open it?"

    Looking back at Hanar and Selvantis, then toward the one empty pedestal, the revenant stops to think. "On second thought, maybe we want to settle the divine skull first?"

  10. Booyah!

    "Wise words. I will open it, once the skull has been set in place and nothing prevents me from doing so." Tak-tha takes a few steps back and pulls out the retractable 10-foot pole, intent on using it to open the door from a hopefully safe distance.

  11. Nevdor will wait for the skull to be placed, but this is a mystery he wants to solve. Assuming nothing grand or terrifying happens, of course...

    OOC: I assume we are still going after the Kishar skull even though we have the three, and it looks like thats all we needed so far? I'd hate to go past that stone archway and find out we needed the fourth...

  12. OOC: We have the time and resources. I vote for going after Kishar's skull once we're done here.

  13. OOC: hanar has the skull, and i'm all for taking on kishar's trial. Let's see what the lord of slaughter has to offer.

  14. [Arden]
    Arden sees Selvantris' new look and says, "My, this adventure is even more interesting than I anticipated." He waits by the three pillars to see what happens once the skull is placed. Arden will detect magic once the skull is placed to see if that has any changes the situation. If that goes smoothly he will go over and assist with the examination of the secret door.

    Tech: Arcana +11 on the skull once it is placed. Arcana +11 Dungeoneering +6 on the secret door.

    OOC: good job on the quiz. I tried to help once and was wrong. Luckily I was out voted.

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