Friday, March 23, 2012

Crucible of the Gods: Treasures and New Companions

Nevdor claims the Skull of Kishar! His prayers were accepted by the divine. The crusaders as blessed with treasures!
  • Nevdor: Elixir of Slaughter, Potion of Healing (see below)
  • Hanar: Elixir of Slaughter
  • Tak-tha: A Potion of Healing
  • Selvantis: The Bowl of Communing
  • Arden: The Elixir of Accuracy
Not wanting to leave anything behind, they return to the mud hut and the sarcophagus. Indeed, Arden senses a curse in place that whomever touches it will be polymorphed into a snake. Using his power of the arcane, Arden lifts the curse upon it, allowing Nevdor to open it safely. Within is the remains of a long dead human woman, and grasped in her bony skeletal hand is a Potion of Healing.

The doors leading back to the Great Hub are open once again. You leave the dracolisk skeleton behind. Back in the Great Hub, you are greeted by one of those waiting outside. A new crusader to the group, Ashton! He had been watching the crusaders' progress through the crystal ball kept outside, and has seen all the perils and challenges faces thus far. The Great Hub is as you left it.

OOC: I'll assume that Nevdor gets the Potion of Healing found in the sarcophagus. I will work on updating the treasures tab with the most recent stuff you have. Good Luck! -MilwaukeeJoe


  1. [Ashton]
    Broadly waving his hand to the experienced crusaders, a dusty, flame-kissed genasi calls out "Hallo, fine warriors! My name is Ashton! I am saddened by your loss, as all outside are saddened every time a new star goes up."

    He adjusts his swordbelt, then pulls a series of syringes from an intricate pocket on his baldric. "One of my specialties, should you choose to take advantage of it, is transferring of the vital essence from one being to another. Now don't be shy, speak up, let me know who's healthy and who's not, and we'll keep moving through this wild, crazy, and deadly ziggurat of the gods!"

    OOC: if we have the time, Ashton's Healing Infusions can give a surge value of hit points to one crusader with the sacrifice of a surge from another.

  2. OOC: perfect time for the bowl of communing! Our next actions need some guidance. I'm under the assumption we need to place a skull in the archway now. Thoughts? We also don't know where the divine brazier is, yet. We can always ask about that.

  3. [Selvantis]

    At the urging of his ranger brother, the 1/3-elf fills his hard-earned prize from his waterskin. A mixture of fear and elation courses through him as he watches the water take on an almost oily sheen. Colors shift and swirl across the surface of the water, crimson red, shimmering, arcane octarine, the green of new leaves and shadowy black slide across the liquid.

    An electric shiver runs down his spine as he feels the presence of the divine surrounding him, making his heckles rise and the hair on his arms stand on end.

    Taking a calming breath, he carefully words his question. "Lyth, Kishar, Kotaresh, Asar-Segt... I beg your guidance and divine wisdom. We have faced your trials and survived, but now face a challenge far deadlier that has not been seen by man for an age. I beseech you guide us mere mortals in our quest and see us in your great eye. Lend unto us your knowledge and tell us if there be a means to our end within these hallowed walls, if as we pass into this, your penultimate test, there is aid you may turn to our hands in your service. By my body and soul, and by your grace, I beg of thee..."

    Steeling himself for the touch of divinity, he lifts the vessel to his lips, and drinks...

  4. OOC: Selvantis, now that you've drank from the Bowl of Communing, provide me with a single question that can be answered by a Yes or No.

  5. OOC: Well damn, thought I could eke that by with good, moderately vague writing. Alright, is the fire in the main chamber related to the portal room?

  6. [Selvantis]
    Selvantis feels a pain on his forehead after he speaks the question, and the others can see that the word "YES" has been carved into the skin of his forehead, as if by some wicked claw.

    The wound seals up moments later, the pain fading quickly, leaving no scars.

    OOC: You have your answer.

  7. OOC: I should add that the Bowl of Communing vanishes after being used. It's a one-time thing.

    1. OOC: Wait, so it's not like a divine SMS? Aww, no fun :P

  8. OOC: Ok, the data says the portal is linked to teh color. But what to do with this extra skull? I feel like before anyone explores the portals/great hub arch, we should replace one of the current skulls with that of kishar. Maybe this is a puzzle as well? Also, if there is a boon associated with each skull, lets see if we can get it. It will only help, ya?

  9. OOC: Alright crusaders, I'm eager to see what you guys do next! Post your actions...

  10. OOC: I would say we should send Tak-tha through the red portal. Didn't he/she/it volunteer to do that?

  11. Tak-tha winces at what happens to his fellow ranger, wishing the gods could have chosen a less painful way to get their message across. Then again, if the gods chose the less painful way to get things done, they wouldn't be here in the first place.

    To prepare for what may lay ahead, Tak-tha pulls out both of his healing potions and downs them, feeling the liquid almost immediately soothing his aching muscles and closing up the damage done by the dracolisk and flame jets. "I am ready to see what is beyond the red portal."

    OOC: Once everyone else is ready, send Tak-tha through. May not have time with work today to get back here before dinner

  12. The adventure continues here: