Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crucible of the Gods: Goddess of Slaughter

Ascending the stairs from the Great Hub, the hallway takes a turn to the left to end at double doors. After a careful trap-check, Detect Magic, and final lock-check (once more)... you open the doors.

You start at or near A16/B16.
The ????? is the hut, contents obscured.
Sand and mud cover the floor of this impossibly large chamber. In some places, there is standing muddy water. In others, tropical trees and shrubs grow out of the muddy dirt. The air is heavy and moist, the ceiling is obscured by low, dark clouds. 

Centrally located is a procession of towering statues depicting a woman in fluted plate mail. They hold long stone spears that form a canopy over the path between them.

In the different quadrants, you see four obelisks rise from stone platforms. A small alcove is visible at the base of each. On the opposite side of the room, you spy a squat hut of mud and brick against the north wall. You see a single entrance into the hut, a small dark doorway.

Half of an adobe brick ziggurat looms against the east wall. Its highest tier reaches nearly 50 feet. A monstrous three-headed dragon-beast sits atop it like a nest, and you recognize it from ancient legend. It is the Dracolisk, the combination of the worst of black dragon and basilisk. The stories handed down from generation to generation tell of a single one of these decimating an army ten-thousand strong with ease! Some of you may have even seen the Metrolith, the forbidden city where all inhabitants were turned to stone...

The Dracolisk is always alert, allowing only one of the heads to sleep at a time while the other two continuously scan the chamber for intruders. Luckily for you, this chamber is enormous...

OOC: You wanted to take on Kishar's challenge? What will you do now? The Dracolisk has not yet detected you, and therefore, battle has not yet been started. We're not in strict standard/move/minor counts yet. Also, this is your last opportunity to fire up some healing surges before combat begins. Let me know!
Good luck! -MilwaukeeJoe


  1. Hanar moves to hide behind the nearest obelisk. No sense in alerting the Dracolisk.

    "Well, it is the Goddess of Slaughter. Perhaps she means for all of us to die, or perhaps there is something else we are to slaughter here." Hanar says, quietly.

    OOC: Tech: using the gem of true seeing on the nearby area. Perception +7 Looking for hidden things/illusions, maybe runes/writings.

    Stealth +0

  2. [Hanar]
    Hanar looks with the gem, but sees no illusions or other hidden things.

  3. [Arden]

    Arden is frustrated by his limited speed. He doesn't want the fight (if there is one) to happen so far away that he can't reach with his magics. He wants to move to some place where he will be hidden from the dracolisk. He also thinks back to remember any more specific details about the dracolisk. Once he moves into the room he tries to detect magic on the dracolisk as well as the female warrior statues.

    tech: If he can stay hidden move to plants in the I14 area otherwise move behind the near pillar. History +11 and Nature +6 for details of the dracolisk and then an Arcana +11 on the dracolisk and another check on the statues of the female warriors.

  4. [Selvantis]

    The ranger presses back against the wall just beside the door, keeping a sharp eye on the dracolisk as he crouches and eases along the wall, his sights set on the adobe hut across the enormous room.

    Before going too far, he notices the alcove at the base of the obelisk, crouching down and peering at it in the misty gloom.

    Tech: Perception+7, Stealth +3

  5. [Arden]
    Arden sneaks up, nice and slow, and finds a tree just big enough to hide him. The dracolisk does not sense him. Arden intones softly the words to Detect Magic, and scans the area. The statues do not have any magic about them, and the dracolisk is certainly giving off a supernatural vibe, but nothing specifically magical.

    He tries to remember any weaknesses, but the stories he knows all end with the dracolisk winning the fight.

  6. [Selvantis]
    The small alcoves in the base of the obelisks are very small, just large enough for one person. They appear empty.

  7. [Selvantis]

    He nods, gently skimming his hand along the inside of the alcove, checking quickly for any burrs, switches, levers or buttons.

    He turns and motions to his fellows to gather close and licking his lips nervously.

    "We cannot hope to face this beast firsthand without a plan of some kind... What are such a fiends weaknesses?" He hisses, then clicks his tongue, furrowing his brow and shaking his head. "I know of none myself. Perhaps an elemental force of some kind, or a sensitivity we could utilize?"

    OOC: Okay, let's play tactician, I'll put that in the OOC thread.

  8. [Selvantis]
    Selvantis finds no hidden levers, buttons, spaces, etc. in the nearby alcove.

  9. [Arden]

    Since Arden has moved over to the bushes can he see if the standing water is just a puddle or is deep enough to hold something dangerous?

    Perception +1 and/or dungeoneering +6

  10. [Arden]
    Arden gives the watery area a look. It appears to be extremely shallow, very muddy. Doesn't appear to be hiding anything.

    (OOC: Unless there's something under the mud, the water isn't deep enough to conceal. You could consider it difficult terrain if you attempted to pass through.)

  11. [Selvantis]

    Nodding silently to his comrades after devising a strategy, the ranger crouches low, picking his way quietly across the moist, sandy ground. He shifts towards the row of statues, pressing against the back of the closest[E/F 10/11], peering around the edge to keep a sharp eye on the dracolisk beyond. His keen vision barely pierces the murky gloom of the humid chamber as he feels nervous sweat trickle down his spine.

    He waves a hand to his companions and urges them forward to join him, his other clasped tightly around the handle of his blade.

    Tech: Move to E-12, Stealth +3, Perception +7, ready action to draw his sword and defend himself at the first sign of movement from the dracolisk.

  12. [Selvantis]
    Selvantis makes it safely to the nearby statue without incident. For a brief moment, you think the dracolisk has detected you... but then realize that it's only a "changing of the guard" - one draconic head waking up and another going to sleep.

  13. [Selvantis]

    After a moment of petrified tension, the bestial ranger relaxes, letting out a shuddering breath as relief washes over him. He subtly gestures for Tak-Tha and Nevdor to join him as he presses back against the carved stone.

  14. [Hanar]
    Hanar does his best to stay hidden nearby the slow-moving mage. He keeps his eyes open for anything that looks dangerous.

    OOC: Perception +7

    Hanar's stealth is +0. Probably best for him to stay put.

  15. [Hanar]
    Still not detecting anything. Staying put at D14!

  16. Nevdor graciously grabs the helm from Bhareg, and will make for the Pillar first, and then attempt to sneak towards the nearest statue on his way to investigating the hut.

    OOC: Stealth +11, and I know the dracolisk is 60ft away. I am really hoping that helps here...separate checks to move from pillar to pillar? No weapon out, I don't want the reflection from my sword to be the thing that dooms me here!

  17. [Tak-tha]
    With Nevdor equipped and ready to move, Tak-tha moves with the rogue, staying just behind him, keeping an eye out for anything that might try to flank them.

    Usual checks on the surroundings, following Nevdor to the statues beside Selvantis

  18. OOC: For those of you moving, what squares are you moving to? Nevdor, are you actually heading all the way to the hut on the north wall?

  19. Tak-tha makes it to D11 undetected by the dracolisk.

  20. OOC: Moving from door to C14 to D11, hoping the dracolisk doesn't spot me. Is the area between the pillars fully lit without any shadows? I'm not going to walk straight through.

    If the area is fully lit, I will use fey step to go from D11 to D6. If I get to D6, will hold for a few seconds and then try to sneak into the hut. If at any point the Dracolisk spots me, I will just move to the hut, maybe thats a safe spot. The rest of the party will have to distract while I investigate!

  21. [Nevdor]
    The area does have some shadows, but it's generally lit like all of the chambers of the crucible (bright light from torches and braziers). Not wanting to chance the dracolisk detecting him as he passes by its line of sight, Nevdor feysteps through and sneaks over to the mud hut!

    Entering in carefully, you see it's a two-chambered hut. It contains three medium-sized statues of female warriors garbed in feathers and scale mail. Looking to your right, you see an adobe sarcophagus in the second room. A mural above the sarcophagus depicts a feathered warrior standing over the mangled body of their enemy. The figure is throwing a bloody heart into the open mouth of a three-headed reptilian creature.

    OOC: Vitals tab updated, revealing the area of the map previously hidden.

  22. Nevdor will give the warrior statues a look over. After the seeing the mural, I am looking for a secret compartment or hidden lever/button, especially in the torso. If nothing found on the statues, he will give the sarcophagus a long look-over.

    OOC: Dungeoneering/Perception +5, Theivery +9.

  23. OOC: Sorry, The crown gives me a +2 to everything (but not to reading). So the Dun/Perp go to +7, Theivery +11 if it helps.

  24. [Nevdor]
    Nevdor detects no secrets about the statues or the sarcophagus. No traps either. Looks like you can simply slide off the lid if you wish to open it.

  25. A confident rogue is usually a bad thing, but the sarcophagus may hold another clue. He will try to open the sarcophagus slowly and quietly, hoping that dracolisk doesn't hear.

    OOC: Strength is a 9, don't know how heavy the top is. Thievery +11 to keep it quiet? (Stealth also +11).

    Everyone else ready to come retrieve my corpse after this?

    1. OOC: And, for sake of completeness, I will open the sarcophagus form J1. I hope that doesnt matter.

  26. [Selvantis]

    While Nevdor scurries into the hut beyond, the ranger takes a moment to inspect the statue he hides behind. Taking care not to draw attention to himself, he peers at the carved form, trying to detect any hint that it may contain the deadly black heart they seek. He gestures to Tak-Tha, seeking his aid in the endeavor.

    Tech: Stealth +3, Perception +7

  27. [Bhareg]
    Scratching his empty brow, Bhareg makes sure his Krater is prepped and ready, and crouches in a fighting stance. He looks at Arden, who s-l-o-w-l-y acknowledges the glance. "You know, I'm fairly certain that thri-kreen could pull you around if necessary. What with those extra arms and boundy legs."

    He then fits his filter mask over his face, in case of poisonous fumes (between the swamp and the dracolisk, who knows?) and quietly curses his armor. It's saved his unlife more than once, but it's the last thing he should be wearing when trying to be sneaky.

  28. The action continues: