Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crucible of the Gods: The Dracolisk Awakened!

Image from http://inspirewood.deviantart.com
Those studying the statues don't find any secrets. The statues are well made and large, but there are no signs of hearts to be found. Is the rumor even true?

Meanwhile, Nevdor grabs hold with intent to open the sarcophagus. Suddenly, there is a blinding flash and the sound like a mudslide... Nevdor finds himself on the ground! His view is strange, his tongue if forked... he's been turned into a snake.

Tech: Baleful Polymorph (save ends). Nevdor's size is Tiny, equipment is morphed into his form, and he can take no other actions other than moving.

Those outside the hut can hear the commotion. At that very moment, the Dracolisk looks directly at Selvantis! The two awake heads let out a massive roar (in stereo), rousing the third out of it's slumber. 

The massive beast leaps into the air, letting it's wings carry it to your doorstep. Landing on one of the stautes, it crushes the statue to rubble beneath massive weight. Jets of green acid pour from the jaws of the three heads, searing your armor and flesh. In addition, Selvantis looks into the eyes of the beast and feels his body starting to become slow and numb.

Double Move: Q10 to E11
Minor: Petrifiying Gaze vs Selvantis. Selvantis is immobilized (save ends). On the first failed save, Selvantis will turn to stone.
Action Point: Acid Breath Weapon, close blast 5...

PAUSE! The dracolisk is using a recharge power against (Bhareg / Hanar / Selvantis / Tak-tha). Consider this pause an opportunity for you to activate any immediate interrupts or divine boasts... I will continue this tomorrow morning or as soon as I hear from you.


  1. OOC: If it helps, Bhareg will get +5 defenses for superior cover from the dracolisk.

  2. Hanar's heart stops as he hears the dracolisk give out the mighty roar. Seeing it swoop before him, he feels that there is but one way to survive this. Falling reverently to his knees, he submits to the creatures breath.

    OOC: Activating Divine Boast: Lyth.

    I figure we're dead either way. Might as well make a gamble for it.

  3. "Lyth! As one beast against another, I shall stand strong against this one in your name!"

    Divine Boast: Lyth as well!

  4. [Selvantis]

    The ranger lets out a cry as the acid splashes against his armor and bare arms, starting to smolder. As he feels his muscles begin to go numb, the ranger pulls his blades from their sheathes and strikes in a single swing. He feels the numbness crawl down into his arms and prays that the strike finds true his mark.

    Within, he the creeping chill and numbness that followed the dracolisk's gaze worm it's way into his body. He digs deep within himself, calling on his years of survival and training, trying to shake the petrifying magic from his core with sheer fortitude.

    Tech: Readied attack on dracolisk, Twin-Strike; +7 vs AC, 1d8+4/1d8+4, if possible immediate hunter's quarry on the damned thing and a desperate fortitude save!

  5. OOC: Note, Selvantis attack will be factored in as a part of his normal round, coming up after the breath weapon attack. Good post, hope it works out for you!

  6. OOC: rogue fail! I should have known something was coming. Well, at least I have the save bonus. IMO, I'd not boast now...dragons breaths are not gonna be easy to tank!

  7. [Bhareg]
    Bhareg sees the dracolisk coming, and lets loose something he's been saving all evening. "Lyth's creation... take your best shot!"

    OOC: all these temps I got? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Divine Boast: Lyth. As well. Here's hopin' for action point city!

  8. The action continues: