Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crucible of the Gods: On Hallowed Ground

A divine skull rests atop a clay altar. Nearby, a SILVER portal shimmers (not RED).
The silver portal takes you to a new chamber, very small. Torches flare up as you arrive, shedding warm, welcoming light. Before you, you see a clay altar up on which rests a crystal skull. You can see the symbol of Kotaresh engraved in the forehead of the skull.

On the opposite side of the room, a silver portal shimmers. You can't be certain if it's the same portal you just used to arrive here, or a new one. But one thing you are certain of, feeling it deep within your bones... 

You stand on hallowed ground.
Good luck, dungeoneers...


  1. Bhareg looks around with a bit of awe. This skull makes the illusory one in the previous room seem... utterly superfluous.

    He takes the usual "I'm in a new room" precautions before choosing a full course of action.

    Checking for traps, weird stuff, etc.
    Perception +8, Thievery +9, Arcana/Religion +0

  2. [Bhareg]
    Nothing looks "weird". No traps that he can detect.

    Note: Being specific is better than being vague. For example, did the above include searching for secret doors? If you are specifically looking for things, you might find them (if they exist) despite a poor perception roll. Possibly.

  3. Nevdor does not wait for Bhareg to scan the area, he moves to the skull immediately. He kneels first, whispers "my dear lord kotaresh, it is only your righteousness that guides the kingdoms of man and guards against the darkness, keeping us safe and true". His hands are clearly showing to Bhareg and the others. As he speaks his prayer, they all notice the fingers on his left hand are crossed. He raises up after his prayer, and eaches to touch the skull....

    OOC: a lie for the god of trickery? Sounds like an acceptable offering to me. Just hope kotaresh gets it...

  4. [Nevdor]
    After the prayer, you all see a very brief shimmer of light about the Kotaresh Skull. Almost imperceptible.

  5. OOC: I would have suggested throwing our best logic riddle at it, but that works too

    Feeling out of his element, Tak-tha hangs back and lets the others do what feels right.

    Free action: Be reverent

  6. OOC: Currently, Nevdor has reached up... does he actually touch the skull?

  7. OOC: Emailed from Nevdor's player:
    Saw the update where you were asking me about whether I touched the skull, have no time today to throw up a comment on my phone. Answer is yes. I'll grab it. Then the others can kill me if the trap doesn't...