Monday, November 7, 2011

Off Topic: How my daughter's birthday party was really a D&D adventure?

My daughter just turned 8 years old, and we had a party for her and seven of her classmates last Friday. When it was all done, the whole thing reminded me of a D&D adventure. 
* The party started with food, pizza.  
(D&D: You start in a tavern.)

* As dinner wound down, my wife walked up and delivered a clue on paper, starting a scavenger hunt. 
(D&D: Old man approaches and gives out map and/or plot hook.)

* The kids went from location to location in the house, gathering clues. Each clue taking them to the next location. 
(D&D: Story steadily builds, and the party gains experience.)

* The final clue led the kids to the garage where a pinata was prepared. They beat on the pinata until it burst. 
(D&D: Boss battle against floating Beholder.)

* Once done, they picked up the candy. 
(D&D: Loot!)

* They retreated back to where they came for cupcakes, and then a sleepover with movies.
(D&D: Back to the tavern to count the treasure, and have an extended rest to recharge your powers.)

Yep, I think we just larped D&D!


  1. Love it, in daddy's eyes. My wife would roll her eyes at such a suggestion.

  2. My wife isn't a gamer either, but she did chuckle at how much I enjoyed the comparison.

  3. Life is an adventure, isn't it? So few people realize this while it's happening. Good for noticed. :)