Monday, August 8, 2011

Gencon and What's In Store for Grind4E?

I'm back from Gencon, and as usual had a blast. A total of 30 hours of D&D, spread over 7 games.

Game Highlights:

  1. Death's Door: A repeat game from previous years, had a good run. I think the players really liked it. One dungeoneer died to save the others, taking a  Score: A-.
  2. Gauntlet: A new game... not so good. I didn't put enough into it, didn't playtest it. I wasn't happy with it. Players gave me the "good game, we'll steal the idea", but I didn't get that "awesome" vibe inside. @CStevenRoss's Team Fouthcore Deathmatch was epic levels better than my puny offering. I will not run this again. Score: C-.
  3. All But Shipwrecked: A repeat game from previous years, had an awesome run for a second year in a row. Nobody won the $10 prize I was offering. Many dungeoneers died in that one. Oh the carnage! Score: A+
  4. SND01 Revenge of the Iron Lich: I love this module. I got lots of great feedback. Our own Gencon4James/Tharl played in it (fantastic player!). The game session doesn't earn the highest grade though, as there were some kid players at the table that made things rough for the other players who were trying to get serious about the run. Still, WILL run next year for sure. Players got a 259 score out of 1000+. Two dungeoneer deaths due to Telefrag (including Gencon4James). Score: A
  5. C1: Crucible of the Gods: I ran this twice, once officially and once for friends (including our own Gencon4James/Tharl)! This game is sooo much fun. @saveversusdeath and crew do such an amazing job putting together modules. Without a doubt, MUST run this again in 2012. I don't think there's a scoring for players on this one. Score: A+
  6. Claustrophobia: This game was supposed to incorporate some fourthcore ideas, but it did not have any of the punch of SND01 and C1. SND01 and C1 are so much more than some "save or die" effects. They have such flavor to the descriptions, and go over the top. Claustrophobia did not achieve that. It was an alright game, won't run it again. Score: B
As usual, when I drive home from the con, I have plenty of thoughts about what I should do next year. I want to focus on fourthcore, and I kinda realize that I have more fun running games that others make more than creating my own adventures (at least for the moment). That's why Grind4E is so much fun for me. Someone else (Sersa V, Jason Bulmahnn) made these rooms, and I'm simply running them - which makes it really fun for me. 

But at the same time, I DO want to try my hand at being Fourthcore-creative. And lo-and-behold, Grind4E will need that once we get past the rooms that Sersa V has already converted. These lines of thought brought me to a conclusion:

I will run Grind4E at Gencon 2012 as "GrindFest 4e"!

This works in several ways. First, this play-by-blog serves as a development grounds for the convention game. I can use the art I accumulate, the playtesting and even your dungeoneers as pregens. Second, your scores will help me mock those at Gencon 2012 who don't even come close to them.

Finally, I have an active investment to keep this game going since it will directly improve my Gencon 2012 run. Expect me to get a post out by today to re-start after the hiatus!

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