Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chamber 3-4: Convector

You find one more item of interest as you search the chamber. Near the ogre's skeletal corpse, you spy a scrap of preserved flesh! There is an image inked onto the scrap, as shown to the left.

What does it mean?

OOC: A fourthcore hint. Often you will find items that don't have meaning until later areas.

Since this needed a picture, I created this new post to show it.

You're close to the end of this chamber, and a much deserved Short Rest! What will you do next?

Good Luck,


  1. "Lohmi, I'd advise we not try to release the creature yet. If this document is correct, it's possible we may need all these items later...intact. We can puzzle over the correct path when we get out of this heat".

    With that, Tharl places the quasit skull in the depression in the door.

  2. As Tharl inserts the brass-plated quasit skull into the door's indentation, two things happen. First, the door loosens and unlocks. Second, a loud clang is heard, followed by the distant grinding of stone.

    ... Two doorways have also opened in the Tainted Gallery (Week 1) ...

    OOC: Congrats on completing Chamber 3! I will be posting a new post today giving your score for the room, and current score totals.

    Up until now, the chambers have been linear. Now, however, you will gain a choice of three chambers to proceed on from here! I will give much more details in the post to come.

    BTW, was out on Friday - vacation. I forgot to tell you guys ahead of time.

  3. OOC: Make that next post tomorrow. I just got hit with a huge work thing that has me shaken and a bit sad, and I'm just not up for writing today.

  4. Joryn pauses, breathing heavily and says, "Well it appears we have some options. Which way do we favor? I'm for pressing onward, but would hate to miss something behind. My vote is to go back."

    OOC: I know Joryn needs some major healing. Not extended rest status, but some surges up. Would love some shaman lovin'. :)

  5. Ambrose congrats everyone for their cooperative efforts and all surviving another chamber. "I could use at least a short rest, and spend a little time reviewing what we have."