Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chamber 1-2: Tainted Gallery

(Screw it, I know I said this was going to drop at 12:00pm CST, but I can't wait that long.)

The Statues
For those getting closer to the statues (Galad, and Joryn/Finding as they pass by), you see they are hewn from cracked, unkempt marble. Each statue has a dirty plaque set into its base, with what looks to be some writing or drawing on them. Difficult to tell exactly what though, with the grime covering them.

The Pool
Joryn, Finding and Tharl, (passing by or walking up to the pool), can see that it is quite murky and clouded. You can clearly see an everburning torch at the bottom, the source of the strange light in the chamber. The light pierces through the murky liquid, revealing a depth of 30 feet. It also shows that the bottom of the pool is littered with bones.

Tharl drops a piece of meat into the liquid, and it slowly begins to dissolve. A mild acid, at best.

Large Eastern Statue
Finding and Joryn see that the far east statue is nearly fifteen feet tall, carved to look like a gangly noble, whose head is thrown back in agony, silently wailing. The wetness comes from his empty eye sockets, like tears flowing into the channel to eventually reach the pool. To the left and right of the large statue are hallways leading north and south.

The Skeletons
At this point, all six skeletons emerge from behind the statues! They are dressed in old scale armor, but carry no weapons. Each of their bony clawed hands are deep purple in contrast to their otherwise grayish bodies; as if their hands and wrists had been dipped in dark dye.

They look upon you with coldness; they will take no joy in killing you. You simply need to be killed.
OOC: Combat begins! See initiative below. Anybody have any abilities that would modify the initiative (such as Warlord bonuses, etc.)? If so, let me know soon and I will update the list properly. Hoping for posts from Finding, Tharl and Lohmi first, then I will post for the Skeleton Warriors. Everyone can do free actions though (example: talking). For those of you new to 4E, hit me up with questions via email, twitter, gmail chat, etc.

  • 22 Finding
  • 21 Tharl
  • 16 Lohmi
  • 16 Fiend-Tainted Skeleton Warriors (6)
  • 15 Joryn
  • 14 Ambrose
  • 10 Vondal
  • 08 Galad
Fiend-Tainted? What's up with that?  
Good Luck,

Updated Map
This area will contain the updated map that includes events as they unfold in the comments below.
Turns processed: Tharl, Lohmi, Finding
Skeleton-1: Wounded, Not Bloodied
Skeleton-5: Marked (denoted by triangle)
Skeleton-6: Wounded, Not Bloodied, Next Hit will Push 1


  1. Lohmi immediately rushes forward. Finding was exposed, and needed aid immediately. Calling forth his arcane power, he swings at one of the skeletons, green fire igniting along his blade. At the same time, he reaches out and links up with the skeleton.

    OOC: Moving to H9 to attack skeleton 5 with Greenflame blade. Attack +10, damage 1d8+5 fire. Also activating Aegis of Shielding, marking skeleton 5.

  2. Tharl yells "Spirits, cleanse this taint", and a misty form swirls around the skeleton nearest to Galad. He then moves a step to the north and prepares to defend himself.

    Tech: Minor Action = Call Spirit Companion to F4.
    Standard Action = Wrath of Winter on skeleton in E3. Attack + 5 vs. fortitude. Damage 1d10 + 4 cold, primal.
    Move action = move to F6.

  3. Tharl's companion spirit - a glowing spectral bear - appears right next to Skeleton-1 and begins to menance it. At the same time, a whirlwind of cold air assaults the undead creature.
    Tech: GenCon4James, you're off with your Tech. Iplay4E registers you at +6 vs. Fort, for 1d10+5 dmg. I think you forgot the Totem +1? Your roll of 15 hit its fortitude, and did 7 damage (after applying Resist 5 Cold).

    Lohmi rushes in, lashing at Skeleton-5. However, he miscalculates his footing on approach, and his green flameblade clean misses the target.
    Tech: D'oh! Natural 1. Note that on the map above, I'm using a triangle symbol to denote that you've marked Skeleton-5.

    OOC: Now you might wonder how I could run through Tharl and Lohmi without first processing Finding, who goes first in initiative. Short answer is, I have to process the turns when I have time and can't wait for everyone to post. When Finding does post, I will factor in her initiative into the resolution. Example, if she happened to do some area burst effect on Skeleton-5, I wouldn't include Lohmi in the blast because she should have fired it up prior to him being there. Bascially, I'll error on the side of giving you the benefit of doubt - a small price to pay for being able to run the round "slightly out of order".

  4. Tharl yells "Anyone have a fast way to retrieve this torch from the acid pool?"

  5. OOC: FYI, I believe Finding's player lives in Australia. So there might be a time-delay. I plan to post the skeleton's attacks on Friday for sure!

  6. "Sorry everyone," Finding yells to the room. "I think I set them off." Murmuring to herself, she flexes her fingers and with the sound of gears grinding, flicks an unbalancing force at the skeleton in front of her.

    "I think I might have an idea about how to get that torch up, though." She steps around Joryn to the side of the pool. Looking at the slowly dissolving meat, she wonders if the acid is weak enough to get a rope down and back up in one piece.

    Standard Action: Unbalancing Force at Skeleton 6
    Attack: Int (+4) vs Fort.
    Hit: 1d8 + Int, force. Next ally who hits before end of my next turn pushes target 1 square.

    Move: Cross to K7

    Minor Action: Remove rope from pack. Also (assuming basic knowledge checks are free - if not ignore rope removal and just do the check) Dungeoneering +8 focusing on strength of acid in pool.

  7. Finding's Unbalancing Force does not fail her. It hits Skeleton-6 like a wave!
    Tech: Rolled 14, hit. Damage of 9 points to Skeleton-6.

    After producing the rope, she feels the acid is somewhere mild to medium in strength after seeing the effects on the chunk of meat.
    Tech: Touching the acid does 1d4 damage. Entering or starting a turn in the pool subjects you to 2d6 damage.

    Skeletons are up next!