Monday, February 23, 2015

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: The Tomb

When you get very close to the door, the magma becomes transparent and very fake... just wisps of the real thing. The torch's fire of what you hold in your hand is much more real.

Looking through the hole in the door, you see a hallway beyond containing six closed wooden doors. Two torches light the scene. A dark red carpet leads up to a sarcophagus against the far wall. The image of a robed acolyte carrying a inverted trident censor is carved upon the sarcophagus.

OOC: The door in front of you seems to have no handles or locks. It seems you would need to climb through the hole in the door (that has the illusionary magma/fire) if you wish to explore this corridor.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Contemplation from the Tower

Your DM carefully considers game improvements.
Sin-Eaters... A few announcements regarding the game.

  • The past two weeks have been great! I see lots of posting, interaction, and am enjoying the game immensely. Keep up the good work!

  • Next week I will be posting less, as I am leading a week-long series of software training classes. My aim is to dedicate the Noon-1pm (CST) lunch break each day to reading and responding to posts, to at least keep the flow going.

  • I may be replacing one or two players who haven't been posting enough. If you know of someone who would enjoy this game and can keep the 2-3 post per week speed, let me know!

  • This game is a playtest, and I am considering overhauling the demon power/desire mechanic some. It isn't working for me. And, in playing Darkest Dungeon, I realize what I really wanted from it. For now, you may use your demon power once per encounter, and it recharges at the start of the next encounter. RP up the dark desire if you like. Soon, I will announce the changes to how the power/desire works.
What do you think of the game so far? What are you enjoying, what do you think could be better? -MilwaukeeJoe

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Purge of the Sin Eaters: Eyes of the Demon

Approaching the door to the left of the hot fireplace, you find it suddenly rises into the ceiling! Beyond is a narrow hallway with a lit torch giving light to a small chamber beyond.

Craning your neck to see what is out of view in the chamber ahead, you spy the following:
  • The door directly ahead of you has a small metal slide insert that is already open A pair of demonic eyes watch you. You're not sure if it's real or carving.
  • On the door to your right is a larger opening in which what looks like molten magma is suspended within.
  • To your left, an open hallway of iron, the floor is a pool of some kind of acidic slime. Where the hallway leads, you're not sure without entering further into the chamber.
  • Dead center of the chamber lies a closed iron treasure chest.
OOC: Apologies for the delay, I got obsessive on the visuals. I needed to stop myself and get the post out!

Addendum Images. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: Resting in the Great Hall

Making Camp: Azul takes the first watch while the rest of you sleep and recover your strength. Sleep strangely comes easy to you while in this dining hall. Merely resting your self on the stone floor, with the heat of the fireplace washing over you... and you are sleeping quickly. But yet, the unnatural feeling to it imparts a sense of foreboding.

Once you awaken, you regain half your max hp. Deduct one ration from your equipment. Current values are:

  • Maedhroe = 20 hp
  • Melliandre = 15 hp
  • Azul Khadon = 21 hp
  • Haargarth = 15 hp
  • Sorne = 10 hp
  • Vulture = 16 hp

Nothing comes to attack you during your resting time, and each of you who sleeps (including possibly Azul, I'm assuming you're taking turns during the watch) has a nightmare about a chamber or place in the grand tower above or below you.

Extra credit assignment: Want to earn free XP? Email me a brief description of the chamber you encounter in your dream. Make it wild, crazy, unusual. No rules. I will award the best one the most XP, and work my way down. And, should you earn enough to level up, you may do so now.

The tower is silent, nothing but the sound of the flames in the fireplace. What do you do next, sin-eaters? 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Purge of the Sin Eaters: The Grand Feast Hall

Across the black crystal bridge and through the portcullis, you enter a large, strangely quiet banquet hall within the large tower. The heat hits you first, intense sweat-inducing heat from a massive fireplace already stoked up, giving strong light to the chamber. 

Dead center of the chamber is a grand feast table. 

The table and chairs seem empty, but when you start to look around, you catch something from the corner of your eye. When you look at the table in your periphery, you see the table is full of food. The seven chairs are occupied with people, but they are nothing but dead corpses. The feast of suckled pig roasting on a spit in the fireplace, the mead is flowing from the glasses and the gristle from the pork still hangs in our departed party goers mouths. A soup of cabbage, potato and leak is still warm... even the delicious aroma is in your nose. 

But when you look directly at the scene, the chairs are empty and the table is bare.

Standing off to the side of the table (and plain to see) is a pair of conjoined dwarf twins, holding a morning star topped with a spiked iron skull at the ready. They are frail and pale, seemingly lacking the strength to even hold the wicked skull shaped morning star, much less pose a threat to you. Their mouths are moving in faint sing song babbling, what they are saying is difficult to hear from this distance.

To your left and right, six stained glass windows (each showing different scenes), and a hint of a closed door can be seen to the left of the fireplace, hidden from view by the many large rafters in the chamber.

As you take in the scene, the portcullis behind you begins to close... You have enough time to escape yet, if you leave now.

What are you doing?

OOC: Any lack of detail above is due to a "what you quickly see upon entering" thing. When you post, could you remind me what treasures you claimed from the previous encounter? Thanks!