Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Purge of the Sin Eaters: Eyes of the Demon

Approaching the door to the left of the hot fireplace, you find it suddenly rises into the ceiling! Beyond is a narrow hallway with a lit torch giving light to a small chamber beyond.

Craning your neck to see what is out of view in the chamber ahead, you spy the following:
  • The door directly ahead of you has a small metal slide insert that is already open A pair of demonic eyes watch you. You're not sure if it's real or carving.
  • On the door to your right is a larger opening in which what looks like molten magma is suspended within.
  • To your left, an open hallway of iron, the floor is a pool of some kind of acidic slime. Where the hallway leads, you're not sure without entering further into the chamber.
  • Dead center of the chamber lies a closed iron treasure chest.

OOC: Apologies for the delay, I got obsessive on the visuals. I needed to stop myself and get the post out!

Addendum Images. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: Resting in the Great Hall

Making Camp: Azul takes the first watch while the rest of you sleep and recover your strength. Sleep strangely comes easy to you while in this dining hall. Merely resting your self on the stone floor, with the heat of the fireplace washing over you... and you are sleeping quickly. But yet, the unnatural feeling to it imparts a sense of foreboding.

Once you awaken, you regain half your max hp. Deduct one ration from your equipment. Current values are:

  • Maedhroe = 20 hp
  • Melliandre = 15 hp
  • Azul Khadon = 21 hp
  • Haargarth = 15 hp
  • Sorne = 10 hp
  • Vulture = 16 hp

Nothing comes to attack you during your resting time, and each of you who sleeps (including possibly Azul, I'm assuming you're taking turns during the watch) has a nightmare about a chamber or place in the grand tower above or below you.

Extra credit assignment: Want to earn free XP? Email me a brief description of the chamber you encounter in your dream. Make it wild, crazy, unusual. No rules. I will award the best one the most XP, and work my way down. And, should you earn enough to level up, you may do so now.

The tower is silent, nothing but the sound of the flames in the fireplace. What do you do next, sin-eaters? 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Purge of the Sin Eaters: The Grand Feast Hall

Across the black crystal bridge and through the portcullis, you enter a large, strangely quiet banquet hall within the large tower. The heat hits you first, intense sweat-inducing heat from a massive fireplace already stoked up, giving strong light to the chamber. 

Dead center of the chamber is a grand feast table. 

The table and chairs seem empty, but when you start to look around, you catch something from the corner of your eye. When you look at the table in your periphery, you see the table is full of food. The seven chairs are occupied with people, but they are nothing but dead corpses. The feast of suckled pig roasting on a spit in the fireplace, the mead is flowing from the glasses and the gristle from the pork still hangs in our departed party goers mouths. A soup of cabbage, potato and leak is still warm... even the delicious aroma is in your nose. 

But when you look directly at the scene, the chairs are empty and the table is bare.

Standing off to the side of the table (and plain to see) is a pair of conjoined dwarf twins, holding a morning star topped with a spiked iron skull at the ready. They are frail and pale, seemingly lacking the strength to even hold the wicked skull shaped morning star, much less pose a threat to you. Their mouths are moving in faint sing song babbling, what they are saying is difficult to hear from this distance.

To your left and right, six stained glass windows (each showing different scenes), and a hint of a closed door can be seen to the left of the fireplace, hidden from view by the many large rafters in the chamber.

As you take in the scene, the portcullis behind you begins to close... You have enough time to escape yet, if you leave now.

What are you doing?

OOC: Any lack of detail above is due to a "what you quickly see upon entering" thing. When you post, could you remind me what treasures you claimed from the previous encounter? Thanks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: Victory of the First Trial

A dark cloud of something wicked is converging upon your position quickly.
The tide of the battle tips in your favor!

Atop the small bronze tower, the ogres-turned-werebeasts tear each other to shreds, unable to stop the beast's call within them. SornĂ« is indeed victorious. The ogres of the final iron tower, seeing their demise written in the stars, begin to attempt escape just as a lightning bolt strikes it. The siege weaponry and the ogres themselves are charred beyond recognition.

Meanwhile, Vulture's clever poisoning tactic pays off, as both Haargarth and himself fight ever on, blades and war cries savaging the beast...

... just as Haargarth then grabs the Oak Wand of Illusion and climbs the statue of the Marilith! The treasure placed in one of the statue's six hands...

And you are correct. The final two statues state this, then proceed to grab the Iron-Chi-Medusa in their stony deathgrip hands, letting the Oak Wand of Illusion fall to the swamp below. Vulture frees himself before the statues' indiscriminate hands can rip him apart as well!

The statues begin to sink into the swamp, but before their mouths vanish beneath the muck, they cry out, "LET NOT YOUR GREED BE YOUR DOWNFALL! BOW TO THE POWER OF THE ONE!"

Then a quiet silence... followed by a distant chorus of shrieks for off in the distance. The instant this power scream hits your ears, the tentacled horror expediently retreats into the muck!

"Heresy, or Loyalty?"
Leaving you and the Fiery Immolith Demons. As the demons being teleporting out quickly (is that panic in their eyes?), the last one looks at you and smiles, stating a strange question, "Heresy, or Loyalty?" And he's gone.

A dark cloud of something wicked is converging upon your position quickly. You hear the beating of wings and the clicking of claws, the gnashing of teeth. Just then, the spectral bridge between you and the true tower solidifies to black crystal... the open portcullis entryway awaits...

What are you doing heroes? Grabbing any more magic items? Proceeding back to the strange chamber Haargarth found? Proceeding into the tower. Standing to fight whatever is coming? CHOOSE!

Note: I did rolls, but in light of lack of time, I'm forsaking posting the tech stuff in lieu of keeping this going!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: Of Altars and Medusa-Chimeras

Haargarth descends the rusty ladder, and after about thirty feet of descent, finds himself at the entrance of a small chamber. Off to the right, the wall is carved in a bas-relief two angels who recoil in horror at something between them, but that space between is nothing but blank wall.

At the far end is a small raised dais and altar upon which rests a single lit candle (which burns stronger than it should be), and a wooden bowl. A blood-red stained-glass window looms behind the altar.

Resting within the bowl is sixteen copper coins.

Meanwhile, in the battle above... and PSST.. It's a Chimera... NOT Manticore, there is no Manticore. Look to the right... CHIMERA!

[Azul Khadon]
To Azul's question of, "O Sentinels! Is our key to this riddle composed of Solid Wood?"... the remaining statues respond together, "YES."

When Azul taunts the Great Worm Tentacle, it does indeed hit the Chimera! And just when you think the Chimera is done for, it gets FAR WORSEThe next lightning bolt crashes down, slamming into the statue of the Medusa.

Instead of a Medusa joining the battle, the Chimera morphs... each head now is a Medusa head! The Medusa-Chimera's wounds close as if it was never touched! 

Tech: Roll 9.

Vulture's rapier/sling tactic only proves to provoke one of the tentacles, that grabs Vulture violently. Vulture drops his rapier under the intense pressure of the grab, and is slowly being dragged back into the muck of the moat... Vulture, what are you doing!

Tech: Roll 6. No damage taken, but in a tight spot indeed. Vulture earns 1 XP and currently has 1 XP.

Considering the transformation of the creature above, I should probably pause here for a moment. If I haven't gotten to you yet (Melliandre and SornĂ«), you can redo your move from the previous post and post it fresh in this one.

HOWEVER... If you wish to avert your gaze while attacking the Medusa-Chimera, you automatically accept a -1 to your attack roll. Or you can just attack without averting your eyes - which means you must first Defy Danger with Constitution as a Medusa head attempts to turn you to stone!

If you do want to roll, I'd like you to roll the dice on the Petrify attack. Use Invisible Castle to make that roll, and consult the list below.

Medusa's Petrification Attack
10+, you are not affected by the Medusa's gaze this time
7-9, you are Slowed (similar to Shaky, -1 to DEX)
6-, you are Petrified (KO).

You earned and used a question this post... so you have 3 unused questions to ask.

Good Luck, Crusaders! My next post will be after Turkey break. If you could limit yourself to just one post between now and then, that would be great. :)