Saturday, April 18, 2015

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: Goldeneye
[...........] The moment Azul enters the portal, each of you teleport to a new, enormous chamber. You find yourself in  the center of a place that is a strange combination of other chambers you've been in thus far. It's dimensions defy logic, seemingly both indoor and outdoor at the same time. There are so many alcoves, containing the elements of the places you've been before, and all very close to you.

  • The stony floor has patches of swamp here and there, giving treacherous footing. Here and there, blasts of fire erupt from them.
  • The ceiling is lost in thunderous storm clouds, threatening to unleash a torrent upon you.
  • Nearby, the feast table. Those sitting around it are not dead, but wraith-like versions of all of you. They have white-hot eyes that smoke with rage, but they do not rise from their seats... yet.
  • The pillars and the large ring. This time, the letters on the pillar are blurry and indistinct and nearly unreadable.
  • A familiar treasure chest at your feet, with the three-digit combination-lock.
  • A nearby wall reads, "Use a proper key," with a key-hole and three buttons beneath it.
  • An altar upon which rests a single lit candle (which burns stronger than it should be), and a wooden bowl with copper coins.
  • Two enormous, faceless statues of robed humans loom over you, nearly 50 feet tall. When you see them, two words comes instantly to your mind - The Dominion. Where their faces should be are, one is flat and is carved in a bas-relief two angels who recoil in horror at something between them, but that space between is blank and shimmers slightly. If you have any command over magic, you sense an aura of illusion there. The second statue's face is a large iron, barbed gate upon which many corpses are impaled.
  • Strewn about you are large chunks of statue, potentially a third like the two that stand before you, now nothing but destroyed rubble.
A deep rumbling laughter is heard from somewhere in the clouds above, echoing all about this bizarre chamber. Then it emerges, a massive beholder the size of a small moon! 

Fortune shines on you though, it seems. All of your wounds are healed. Any debilitiations you had are gone. Except for Sorne it seems, who falls to the floor, wracked with pain. He seems to be transforming?

OOC: This is the final encounter and will finish up the game. Distance and location in this chamber has less meaning than in the normal world, given a beholder the size of a Death Star is somehow descending on you in this chamber.. Thank you for sticking with me. Good luck!

Haargarth - I have an email coming to you to explain what happens to you prior to coming here... will try to get it to you by Sunday. Also, some loose ends from the previous post - just plain out of time at the moment, will address... gotta run!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: Sapphire Heart and the Rust Monster

The six doors above, and the entryway, are still accessible via a narrow ledge.
1-A pair of crossed swords  2-A open tome  3-A pit trap

4-Two hands clasped in prayer  5-Three arrows
6. A tree
[Vulture] "What kind of trick is this?!" He says to the woman. Out of our paranoia, Vulture begins to ramble on, "Who are you? What is your name? How long have you been in there?"

The woman answers, managing to stand. "I am Sapphire Heart. I honestly don't know how long I've been here, but I will explain all I know..."

[Melliandre] "My memories. They've been tampered with. There's something, something I should be remembering, but it's not there, it's... Something is wrong." She looks at the woman in fear. "What do you know about this?"

[Haargarth] "Can you tell us how you came to be trapped in this sarcophagus, and what significance your blue robes bear?" 

Sapphire Heart says, "Long ago, I'm not sure how long as I can no longer track the days, all of us were sent here by the Dominion to save Covenant. The sins of the people were placed in us, and we fought our way through a scortching desert labyrinth. During a final combat, I was knocked unconscious. When I came to that first time, it was you six that saved me. You unpetrified me and had no clue who I was. I told you what I knew, and we fought our way through a deadly moor that time.

It always ends the same. We fight, but something renders me unconscious or incapable. And then it begins again with you saving me, and asking me all the hard questions once again. Every time I awaken, it's a new place, so I don't know where we are. And, my memories before coming to this place are spotty at best. I don't remember family, or home, or life at Covenant... although I remember the name of it and the reason why I'm here.

As for my robe, it was given to me before we came here. I was quizzed about things, a part of the process maybe? And when done, I was given this robe.

(OOC: See Main Post Image)

Just as you are beginning the ritual, the floor of the hallway entrance descends to become a ramp. Not steep enough to cause you to lose balance, but enough to reveal a new exit. You hear faint scratching sounds, as if from far away... perhaps from this new hallway? 

The floor of this new hallway is slick with blood, and within you see a skull-like creature of rust within, slowly approaching!

Sapphire Heart looks nervous.

What are you doing?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Purge of the Sin-Eaters: The Tomb

When you get very close to the door, the magma becomes transparent and very fake... just wisps of the real thing. The torch's fire of what you hold in your hand is much more real.

Looking through the hole in the door, you see a hallway beyond containing six closed wooden doors. Two torches light the scene. A dark red carpet leads up to a sarcophagus against the far wall. The image of a robed acolyte carrying a inverted trident censor is carved upon the sarcophagus.

OOC: The door in front of you seems to have no handles or locks. It seems you would need to climb through the hole in the door (that has the illusionary magma/fire) if you wish to explore this corridor.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Contemplation from the Tower

Your DM carefully considers game improvements.
Sin-Eaters... A few announcements regarding the game.

  • The past two weeks have been great! I see lots of posting, interaction, and am enjoying the game immensely. Keep up the good work!

  • Next week I will be posting less, as I am leading a week-long series of software training classes. My aim is to dedicate the Noon-1pm (CST) lunch break each day to reading and responding to posts, to at least keep the flow going.

  • I may be replacing one or two players who haven't been posting enough. If you know of someone who would enjoy this game and can keep the 2-3 post per week speed, let me know!

  • This game is a playtest, and I am considering overhauling the demon power/desire mechanic some. It isn't working for me. And, in playing Darkest Dungeon, I realize what I really wanted from it. For now, you may use your demon power once per encounter, and it recharges at the start of the next encounter. RP up the dark desire if you like. Soon, I will announce the changes to how the power/desire works.
What do you think of the game so far? What are you enjoying, what do you think could be better? -MilwaukeeJoe

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Purge of the Sin Eaters: Eyes of the Demon

Approaching the door to the left of the hot fireplace, you find it suddenly rises into the ceiling! Beyond is a narrow hallway with a lit torch giving light to a small chamber beyond.

Craning your neck to see what is out of view in the chamber ahead, you spy the following:
  • The door directly ahead of you has a small metal slide insert that is already open A pair of demonic eyes watch you. You're not sure if it's real or carving.
  • On the door to your right is a larger opening in which what looks like molten magma is suspended within.
  • To your left, an open hallway of iron, the floor is a pool of some kind of acidic slime. Where the hallway leads, you're not sure without entering further into the chamber.
  • Dead center of the chamber lies a closed iron treasure chest.
OOC: Apologies for the delay, I got obsessive on the visuals. I needed to stop myself and get the post out!

Addendum Images.