Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gencon 2015 Thoughts

I ran seven games at Gencon 2015.

Thursday 6pm - D&D 5E, 6th Level Crusaders - Shadows of Rappan Athuk
This game was my attempt at improv-style D&D, and it was fun mostly for those I played with (friends), but I wasn't happy with the adventure itself. I didn't have a good grasp of the the D&D math yet, so I was fumbling some as I tried to do some stuff on the fly. The adventure boiled down to being two combat encounters strung together, basically.
Grade: B

Friday 8am - Dungeon World - Fortress of the Ur-Mage
This game was a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed the Dungeon World rules and mechanics. I can't go into any plot stuff, for NDA reasons. More structured, less improv. The heroes died more than once, and only two survived to the very end after defeating the big bad!
Grade: A

Friday 1pm - Dungeon World - Gauntlet of the Fallen Godkings
A dungeon crawl with a mix of Egyptian and biblical themes. My players had fun, I think, and one ended up becoming the next uber-god. I think I may retire this plot for any future runs. It was fun, but when you read about my second run of this game (below), you'll understand.
Grade: B+

Friday 6pm - D&D 5E - Crucible of the Gods
This slot was supposed to be another Rappan Athuk game, but at the last second I swapped out the Fourthcore module for it. It ran GREAT! Seems that 1st level 4E characters equate to 6th level 5E characters, or pretty close anyway. The players loved the mix of combat and puzzles and theme of the Crucible. But, they dinked away their time and never even saw the final encounter. They got three divine skulls, and time was up!
Grade: A

Saturday 8am - Dungeon World - Fortress of the Ur-Mage
A replay of Friday's game. The players went a slightly different way, but in the end they also managed to kill the big bad with only one left alive. Once again, the players really enjoyed the mix of battle and puzzles, and really trying to figure out the key to the fortress.
Grade: A

Saturday 1pm - D&D 5E - Crucible of the Gods
A new group of players this time, and they were able to figure out the Crucible, defeat the Ruach and light the divine brazier with 15 minutes to spare! My favorite moment was when the 15 year old daughter figured out the puzzle of the faces, when the dad was very skeptical that it could even be solved!
Grade: A

Saturday 6pm - Dungeon World - Gauntlet of the Fallen Godkings
In my last game on Saturday night, it was supposed to be a repeat of the other game... but I then started to pose those initial questions to the players, and they added so much detail that I threw my planning to the side and went with it! By the end, the adventurers found out that the were not fantasy characters, but inmates in a illegal correctional hospital undergoing illegal psycho-experiments (complete with hallucinatory drugs!). In the end, they killed the doctor who put them there... and a cliffhanger... would they self-inject to go back to the fantasy land, or face the harsh light of the real-modern world? This question was left intentionally unanswered, but posed to the players as the final scene ended.
Grade: A+ (It was awesome)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Eldrich Sewage

Art from Fourthcore Alphabet

Friday, June 26, 2015